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    When we first started off, like other photographers, we would waste hours upon hours, searching through many websites and forums, as well as reading books and magazines to try and learn as much as possible about our favorite photographers.

    The concept of Photogpedia is simple: The biggest online
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    Unlike other websites, this isn’t a ‘how-to’ or ‘gear
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    This site is dedicated to helping other photographers learn from the best. It is also a way of us to keep a record of what we’re learning. If it can help someone else out there, then it would have been worthwhile.

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    Mark Louis Garcia, Author & Editor

    Photo of Mark Louis Garcia. He is a toy photographer and the person behind iselandmarkventures. He is a writer and editor for PhotogpediA.comStarting May 2022, I began writing and editing for PhotogpediA. Just a quick background about me, I’m a toy photographer! I take photos of action figures and collectibles with dioramas incorporating various lighting techniques. I also apply some digital effects through various editing tools such as Procreate and PicsArt to further enhance these toy photos.

    I use my experience as a photographer to write about topics in photography. On my spare time, I am fascinated with technology and art displays. That’s why you’ll be seeing that some of the articles I publish are about metal prints and AI art generators.

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